How to improve your odds of winning money through betting

There are two basic approaches to gambling, whether online or at your local bookmakers:

The measured approach

The first strategy is the one that professional gamblers will lean toward and will give you a better chance of making money consistently but unless you have plenty of time on your hands, during which you can study form and analyse your past performance, it may be impractical for you to follow.

An example of a bet that might be taken by a gambler following this approach is backing the 2nd or 3rd favourite in a horse race when the bookmakers appear to have missed a pattern in the form of the horse in question. For instance, some animals prefer going round right-handed courses to left-handed ones. If such a horse were to lose a string of races on courses that feature many left-handed turns and then appear in a race on a right-handed course, the odds on offer for a win may be more generous than they should be.

It is up to you to find your own niche if this approach sounds like a good fit for your mentality so you will need to pay close attention to the results in whichever sport you decide to focus and make sure that you know more about the participants than the average punter does. To defray your costs when you first start following a measured strategy, you might like to open an account with one of the bookmakers that offer free bets online to new customers. Whilst these special promotions may not have much of an effect on your long-term profitability, they can help you to minimise your losses while you find your feet.

Taking pot luck

If the above approach sounds too time consuming or your main reason for gambling online is to have a bit of fun and give yourself a chance, albeit a very small one, of winning an absolute fortune every week, you may prefer to place small wagers on big outsiders or specialise in more exotic bets such as trifectas and multi-event accumulators. A trifecta involves picking the first three horses to come home in a single race, whereas an accumulator involves picking the winners of a number of different races. You can still tilt the odds in your favour when taking this approach by studying form and picking value bets but your win rate will obviously be much lower.


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